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cadlab / Tutorial project
CADLAB demo project with interactive guide.
SANTIAGO RÍOS OLAYA / Tarjeta de Delastre de Generación
Desarrollo de una tarjeta de delastre de generación para control de la microred de Oriente en la Universidad de Antioquia
Sabin Zarrandikoetxea / KiCAD Libraries
Self-developed and collected KiCAD component libraries.
Solar Car at UVa / Solar
PCB Layout for the solar system in the car.
Solar Car at UVa / PowerAux
PCB for Power System and Lights
Controller for Reflow oven
Sandeep Shelar / SENSOR NODE STAND
Arrangement for sensor node to rest on a support,which will help it from falling down.
Sandeep Shelar / WIRELESS VALVE
casing,panel and stand and other accessories of wireless valve tested in Wadia
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