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Security Security and Compliance

Here at, we see security as our highest priority and take rigorous precautions to make sure all your schematics and PCB layouts are reliably protected.

Application Security

Any personal information you exchange with is always transmitted via secure SSL protocol. If any third party services are used (for instance, GitHub or GitLab), HTTPS or SSH are implemented to make sure of security of data exchange between them and

Infrastructure Security

All industry-leading solutions like dedicated firewalls and VPN services are employed to prevent unauthorised access. We also ensure that you are always protected from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks whenever you work on That guarantees you uninterrupted, smooth working process and 99.95% uptime.

Data Center Security

We make sure that nothing gets lost in case system failure: any piece of information stored on our data centers is backed up on Amazon. A strict document-destruction policy is applied to respect private data ownership.


Our data center operations are complied with SAE 3000/AT 101 Type 2 and audited by independent consultant companies on regular basis.

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