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Better PCB design process - faster time to market and lower development costs.

CADLAB is a visual collaboration and version control platform for your PCB design project. Put your project under version control, watch how your design evolves, control the quality at every step, and streamline communication.

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CADLAB is free for open source projects - create as many public projects as you want.
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Make your PCB design process transparent

Make your PCB design process transparent to everyone on your team. CADLAB visualizes the history of your entire schematic and board layout changes. This makes it easy to follow the design changes, without requiring long progress alignment meetings.
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Git version control platform optimized for hardware

CADLAB is built upon the most widely-adopted Git version control system. However, unlike GitHub and other platforms using git, it is optimized for hardware and provides a visual layer to work with electrical schematics and PCB layout design.

View any schematic or board layout revision right in a browser.

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