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Transceptor / Tarjeta Láser Tx
Placa Laser V1.0, incluye el beacom.
RoboticsBrno / RoboCamp-2021
All PCB for the RoboCamp 2021.
M10CUBE is a Practical Form Factor Ecosystem. A micro controller cube 10x10x10 cm. To be used like "brick" and solve many control problems. A smart design to be used as PLC or IOT device for Industry 4.0 and M2M deployments. FIELD OF APPLICATIONS: PLC, IOT, Education, Home Automation, Light Industrial and Greenhouse applications, Air Quality monitoring
Induced Polarization Associates, LLC / Digital-Board-DevKit
Development kit for developing custom device firmware on the MIP-1 device.
Anish Kulkarni / Crest Test Systems Pvt. Ltd. assignments
This project is about all assignments assigned by Mr Vinaykumar Achwal at Crest Test Systems Pvt. Ltd. as a part of my training period.
GuavTek / Multi PWM
A eurorack module with multiple pulse width circuits which can be blended with the input signal to create hypersaws.
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