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Nazarii Rybii / Project Portunus Custom Raspberry Pi Zero Hat
Custom hat to read CAN bus input from the OBDII port connected to a 9 pin connector.
loisemoss / Application Essay
Many students do not understand that an application essay is a chance to reach something important in your life. Passing tests and exams can be much different since students will be stressed and anxious be entering the class only. In comparison, writing an application essay will take place at home and you are given a unique chance to show who you really are and what you want to achieve in your life
Capture the flag is a DeepSea internal project. Its principal objective is to have a couple of platforms that allow to learn how to use some features, peripherals and algorithms for competition, teaching and recruiting processes. Please review the Notion's note: In this repository you will find the PCB design files for the CTF hardware.
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