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Afonso Muralha / Altium Libs
Personal libs for altium designer
CRUVI / CR00005
CRUVI to PMoD Adapter
CRUVI / CR00002
CRUVI LS module with SPI Flash in SO8 package
CRUVI / CR00001
CRUVI LS module with SPI flash (BGA package)
Mark Anderson / Spartan-3 Eval Board (EB1)
PCB reference design for the Altium EB1 LiveDesign Evaluation board, Xilinx Spartan III version (XC3S400-5FG456C FPGA device).
boing / sangaboard
A motor controller for unipolar stepper motors such as the cheap 28BYJ-48 motors.
Martin Ranseyer / STM32-IRMP
Hardware for the STM32-IRMP Projekt from JRIE
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