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michaelberg / RaSCSI
Development of RaSCSI PCB for use with SCSI based computers.
Sabin Zarrandikoetxea / CUFR 2021 Accumulator Electronics
This repository contains all the PCBs embedded inside the accumulator container of Columbia University's 2021 Formula SAE electric racecar. They were designed in KiCAD by Sabin Zarrandikoetxea and Bert Steyaert.
RoboticsBrno / RB0004-NeopixelBooster
Booster for Neopixel LED strips
Sunstang Solar Car Project (2020-2022) / Telemetry
This folder contains any edits made to electrical boards used for additional telemetry.
Sunstang Solar Car Project (2020-2022) / Driver & Supplementary Controls
This folder contains any edits made to the driver controls or supplementary controls electrical boards.
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