Version control for: Features

CADLAB seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and doesn’t lock you in. We use industry-standard Git version control to securely store your data and provide a set of hardware specific features to boost your PCB design process, improve team collaboration, reduce time to market and development costs.

Public and Private Projects

Our goal is to support PCB design enthusiasts of all kinds, whether they are professionals or hobbyists. That’s why all CADLAB users can create the unlimited amount of open-source projects absolutely for free with the full access to the core CADLAB functionality. If you wish your project be visible only to you, you might want to consider upgrading your subscription to individual or organisational. The pricing is available on this page.

Native Autodesk Eagle Files Support

CADLAB doesn’t convert Eagle files but rather keeps them in their native format so you don't have to waste time on that. Just simply commit them to CADLAB’s repository by using Git command-line interface or by uploading via the interface - there is no need to worry that any of your source files can be affected.

Schematics and PCB Layouts Render

CADLAB renders all Autodesk Eagle 6+ PCB schematics and layouts online. In addition to that, it supports multiple sheets for your schematics and allows enabling/disabling different layers. Just commit all your files and let CADLAB do the rest!

History of Changes

All changes that you commit are represented as the interactive list. You can compare design iterations, find quickly the necessary one, download it and continue working on it in your CAD application.

Visual PCB Diff

With the help of CADLAB’s visual diff, you can see any changes have been made. All your design revisions can be compared in pairs, allowing to examine step-by-step what exactly has been changed or modified. This is particularly convenient when you work as a team.

We realise that working on hardware design can be challenging. With the help of CADLAB, you can see which exactly have been affected in your schematics, or even find easily rerouted traces, repositioned pads and vias in your layouts. CADLAB renders and compares all the elements independently, allowing to view very detailed diff, including property changes which aren't always visible. Additionally, you can enable/disable some of the layers even for better precision.

Design Review Annotations

Here at CADLAB, we believe having the ability to carry out communication is just as important for teamwork. That’s why we have implemented the functionality to add comments to any part of your schematic or board layout. You can add comments where you want, placing them exactly where they need to be!

Multiple Design Branches

As your project evolves, presumably, you will start coming up with different design concepts. For this purpose, we have created possibility to establish isolated environments, where you can store all your design concepts organised.

GitHub Integration

Got used to working with GitHub? No problem! When creating a new project on CADLAB, you are provided with three options: host files in CADLAB repository, upload files from GitHub and connect your CADLAB to GitHub account.

Chrome Extension

To get the most of using CADLAB and GitHub, we highly recommend using our Chrome plugin. With just one click, a user can view any Eagle file or diff while working on GitHub.

Eagle Libraries Render [COMING SOON]

There is no longer need to spend your time on searching across various libraries, downloading them, opening in Eagle and seeing if they have the right elements you’re looking for. Now you can just search any library or component by its name and preview it right in CADLAB!

Merge Requests and Forks [COMING SOON]

Another feature that we proudly announce - merge requests and forks. We hope that open source hardware community would be keen to explore this feature! If you want other people to contribute to your public project, that is the feature that you really need.

Conflicts Resolution [COMING SOON]

Along with merge requests, we are happy to announce another great feature is coming soon - conflicts resolution! If you have got multiple people working on the same Eagle PCB design, you sometimes can end up with conflicts. This feature will help you compare changes from various contributors and pick those you prefer.

Improve your hardware design process and ship better products.