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Hardware Is The New Software

Internet of Things, Wearables, Robotics are one of the hottest industries with lots of mature companies and startups building millions of products. Hardware is indeed becoming the new software. However, working together on a hardware project is much harder compared to software projects because it’s difficult to collaborate on hardware design. We are here to fix it. is a cloud-based hardware development platform which provides engineers with an enhanced version control system and collaboration tools for hardware design. Based on Git, one of most popular version control systems for software, it allows you to keep native PCB design files in a repository and view, compare and comment on any part of a schematic in a browser. With schematics comparison tool it’s a matter of seconds to find what was changed in the hardware design and together with interactive annotations it’s easy to put in place a hardware design review process.

Our goal is to help engineers be more productive and ship their amazing products faster.

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