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Transceptor / Beacon
Circuito para recepcion y sincronización del lasercomm y el laser beacon
Transceptor / Amplificador de Trans-Impedancia (TIA)
Circuito de recepcion y acoplamiento de la señal recibida por el fotodiodo
Transceptor / Transmisor
Circuito del Transmisor, incluye regulador de voltaje 5v a 3.3v, Led indicador para la sincronización, un botón pulsador para pruebas, pines de programación, pines de la Nextion, pines para pruebas con el modulo DSM, pines para la conexión de la tarjeta laser.
Transceptor / Tarjeta Láser Tx
Placa Laser V1.0, incluye el beacom.
RoboticsBrno / RoboCamp-2021
All PCB for the RoboCamp 2021.
M10CUBE is a Practical Form Factor Ecosystem. A micro controller cube 10x10x10 cm. To be used like "brick" and solve many control problems. A smart design to be used as PLC or IOT device for Industry 4.0 and M2M deployments. FIELD OF APPLICATIONS: PLC, IOT, Education, Home Automation, Light Industrial and Greenhouse applications, Air Quality monitoring
Induced Polarization Associates, LLC / Digital-Board-DevKit
Development kit for developing custom device firmware on the MIP-1 device.
Anish Kulkarni / Crest Test Systems Pvt. Ltd. assignments
This project is about all assignments assigned by Mr Vinaykumar Achwal at Crest Test Systems Pvt. Ltd. as a part of my training period.
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