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GuavTek / Multi PWM
A eurorack module with multiple pulse width circuits which can be blended with the input signal to create hypersaws.
GuavTek / AttenuMix
A 1U module which can act as an attenuator, CV source, or mixer.
GuavTek / Dual VCA
A module with 2 linear VCAs based around the LM13700 OTA
Camilo AB / Bomba-Vaporizador
Diseños en KiCAD para usarse en aplicaciones de mecánica y propósitos sanitarios.
GuavTek / SnekCharmer
A triangle-core analog VCO. Inspired by VCO-1 by Thomas Henry, but with bells and whistles added.
Marc Kelly / kicad_amiga2000
Forked Amiga2000 project Being used to test out some possible updates and mods to the base design.
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