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tomacorp / true-rng
Hardware design to create a true-random number generator. See for details. The EAGLE files are incomplete and unchecked. I have hand-edited the symbols and footprints based on miscellaneous EAGLE data that I have found spread around. It is not to be trusted yet! It needs checking. Also the electrical design has not been prototyped or simulated.
Vitor Hugo Gomes / TunnelBoard
Túnel de medição de velocidade e aceleração de chute para os robôs SSL. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso de Vitor Hugo Gomes.
Juliano Salszbrun / gardenLamp
Controll of my garden lamp using ESP32
Vitor Hugo Gomes / WREmbeddedCharger
Projeto para implementação da funcionalidade de carregamento embarcado na próxima iteração do SSL.
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