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Kylie Angel / PIC24 Adapter Board
These are the files for the PIC24FJ 100 pin adapter board that will be placed on the development board.
Alex lepotsenko / ELECTRO_REPOSITORY
POWER Board for Robotic Platform
Dudestin / pico_router
Inexpensive FPGA board-based Ethernet evaluation board project. Consists mostly of DIP components and uses Tang PriMER. It can be built for about $50.
Arif Darmawan / ft2232hl-jtag-clone
Digilent JTAG clone hardware + eeprom firmware (.bin). Support dual port, JTAG + Serial TTL. Hardware design using KiCad.
ELE795_PCB / Prototype_1
Projet du premier prototype
Jiří Altman / CHUSBIE552-USB-Devboard
Dev board for the CH552 Low chip 8 bit usb MCU
AmadorUAVs / MicroFC FMU V3.1
A tiny, low cost flight management unit based on the RP2040 MCU.
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