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kden / MBH7BLZ02 breakout board
This is RedBearLab BLE nano alike breakout board for fujitsu MBH7BLZ02.
Lalit Arora / Intel 8085 Based Color Recognition Sorting Machine
This project is a realization of PLCs used in industries. Sorting Machine is working on the basis of Color Recognition. An object placed on Workspace is detected using an Infrared Sensor and then colors are recognized using a Color Sensor TCS3200 which outputs the square wave whose frequency is proportional to R/G/B color content in the object. At this stage, only primary colors are recognized by the machine. Data analysis is done by Intel Microprocessor 8085. Bidirectional Stepper Motors are used to direct the object in particular direction allocated according to recognized color.
Larry Littlefield / NMEA_WiFi_Bridge
UDP broadcast NMEA data
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