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Boltz RnD / DarkScope
(DarkScope is Still under development and might take until December 2018 for its first Functional Release.) Darkscope is an ATSAM70Q21 Based, Open Source and Open Hardware, 4 Channel Portable DSO with Features Such as 3.5" to 7" TFT Internal Storage Options* (64 Mb - 256 Mb) External Storage Support (MicroSD Cards and USB) PC Based Expanded UI for Elaborated and Better Visualizations*. Touch Screen Interface(This will be added at last.) USB Type C Rev interface for Charging and Data Transfer. Up to 5* MSPS (At 1 Active Channel) Up to 1* MSPS (At 4 Active Channels) (* Chances are these will be improved by optimizing the firmware on every newer release.)
PaulZC / FeatherWing EN Switch
A simple PCB designed to stack onto an Adafruit Feather (particularly the Feather M0 Adalogger). Holds: a slide switch to enable/disable the Feather via the EN pin; a WS2812B NeoPixel connected to D13; space for an additional LED also connected to D13; a push switch (STOP button) connected to A1 / D15.
Eric Lyons / Professor Pinball Boards
Eagle boards for various pinball things
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