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kartik saxena / Chair Testing Machine
In this project , an analysis has been carried out on making of chair testing machines and they have been made with the help of PTC Creo. The machine is made up of materials available in the software and the materials have been used in accordance with demand and availability of the materials in real life.
kartik saxena / Tool Cutting Simulation
The tool cutting Simulation has been done on Abaqus CAE with proper analysis and research. The materials for tool and workpiece have been chosen according to availability of resources And importance.
Kina Smith / NCAR
NCAR Projects
KiSnip / KiSnip_templates
Wer ein eigenes KiSnip designen möchte, der kann sich hier ganz einfache KiSnip-Templates heraussuchen
Bears / Timer_ArduinoShield
Timer Designed for integration with Arduino Mega and to realise a real-life version of Dead by Daylight
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