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Pdx97 / Wiring of ECT Sensor
It is the eagle schematic of the ect sensor used in the formula student car
Myles Eftos / ESP8266-12 Programmer
Generic FTDI programmer with 3.3V LDO. Uses Pogo Pins
Jefferson Pimenta Melo / Mosfet_Airsoft
Gatilho eletrônico para AEGs
Gabe Fierro / Norman
A Tag for NORMAN
guianm / Dual Motor Driver with LM18200
This project provides an easy way to control two independent motors using PWM. The H-bridges used are LM18200 which provides up to 3A continuous output for each motor. Each motor can be controlled with three signals: DIR - define the direction of rotation of the motor BRK - break the motor by shorting its terminals PWM - control the speed of the motor All the components used are PTH and the board is single sided.
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