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Ngano003 / MicroMouse2020
MicroMouse2020 Circuit
Tester CadShare / RavaelTb
A tentative KiCad project for a test bench of the Rafael chip
Bartosz Kosmala / PTM-wykl
Projekty obwodów z zadań.
Sebastian Dahle / Plasma-PSU
Semi-professional HV power supply for various plasma applications, including Gliding Arcs, Dielectric Barrier Discharges, or School demonstrations. The design shall be suited for use in a laboratory environment, but simple and cheap to allow for uptake in DIY communities.
Hashmat / Red board
Project to demonstrate the Version Control in Eagle
Hashmat / Test 1
Test file arduino...... Will upload a non-altered file..... Check1:
Induced Polarization Associates, LLC / Minimal Laboratory TopSide Control Systems
TopSide Control Board for laboratory testing with a small-scale array. This repository contains the various modules of the system as well as the testing array, power system, and grounding scheme.
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