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Robótica Educativa / Diseño tarjeta PCB V1.0
Diseño tarjeta PCB enfocada a educación STEAM
gclugston / DS2482 Breakout Modifications from MadPilot
This is a practice file of a DS2482 originally created by Myles Eftos @madpilot. It includes the one wire master controller DS2482 and the pullups on the SCL and SDA pins.
Csaba Nagy / PE Microsynth
PE Microsynth
Dejardin / LMB
LMB stands for Laser Monitoring Board. It is foreseen to drive and monitor the lasers at HL-LHC. It will receive the 160 MHz clock and triggers info from lpGBT located on an embedded FE board (connected to a dedicated back end board). - There will be a 1280 MHz clock generator which will drive a fast 14 bits ADC to digitize a signal from a PIN diode to make an image of each laser pulse. The data of this ADC is splitted to 8 streams at 160 MHz using the compressed data format used for the barrel electronics. - There will be 7 LiTE-DTU to monitor the signals coming form the Spy-Box (11 PIN diodes (for 11 fibers) in parallel connected to a CATIA chip on each SpyBox submodule). Each Lite-DTU is streamed using the compressed data format used for the BArrel electronics. - All the streams are connected to the FE board to be sent to the Back-End electronics and thus be packed with the remaining part of the ECAL events. - The board generates triggers for lasers, DSO and others according to data received by the FE board. Each trigger can be tuned in delay. - There is also a connection by IPbus with a Gigabit ethernet port. For fast data monitoring and device programming - The board format is not yet fixed.
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