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Mengjiao Hong / Car Robot Design
 Designed with SolidWorks, fabricated and programmed a mobile robot made of the 3D printer and laser cut parts  Developed an app with Android Studio to control the robot tracing a designed colored line, adjusted RGB threshold with a slider and live camera of an android phone on the robot  Programmed a PIC32 MCU to receive tracking information via USB CDC and perform PD control on wheel motors
Ajay Meena / uDuino
Arduino compatible AVR Development Board
Andy Cobley / NexusLInks
Based on a design by Mutable Instruments: Olivier Gillet released under a cc-by-sa-3.0 license This version Andy C Changes: Removed 2:2 section Increased input and outputs to 4:1 and 1:4 Changed packaging of chips for easier construction Changed orientation of sockets to bottom side of the board.
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