Wink is a  tiny Arduino-powered pet robot created to make an easier transition from graphical programming to more powerful written coding languages. For people interested in robotics and STEM, Wink may become a first step in learning real programming languages, broadly used to control microprocessors and automation.

With Wink, you will control robot’s behavior and learn as well by writing a code.

Written code is easier than you think!



The graphical interface is an easier way for kids to study basic programming notion using The Scratch environment. But in length of time the code writing is more needed for future growth and  education. So Wink aims to allow students and beginners to learn coding step by step and enjoy it, playing with the robot. And If you don’t know how to begin coding, the Wink may perfectly fit you.

Based on Arduino UNO and having ATMega328p microprocessor, Wink is also open sourced and embedded with a simple 8-bit processor, which is perfect for beginning. Furthermore, fast motors drive the robot across different surfaces “in a wink of an eye”.

Java, Python, C and C++ programming languages can be learned in an attractive way with Wink robot platform. Moreover, it’s low-priced and available on Kickstarter  now.