By mixing music and tinkering, we receive Toa Mata Band. Based on Arduino and collected from LEGO pieces, this orchestra will make you wonder.

Guiseppe Acito, an Italian music producer, made musicians from robot warriors, guardians of Mata Nui island in 2001 Bionicle Lego seriesEvery LEGO band member is equipped with rubber bands and pulleys. Arduino Uno, hooked up to a MIDI sequencer, is controlling arms of robots. By hitting the instrument, Lego warriors perform  MIDI sound sequence.The robots are tuned up to play in advance programmed song or performance live, operated by human commands.

The first crew of robot warriors from Mata Nui island (in 2001 LEGO series) was called Toa Mata. Acito noticed them among his sons toys and decided to make a robot music bandHe started this project in 2013, combining acoustic drums and the robots to make this little orchestra.