This glass might seem magical at first sight. But, all in all, it’s all about high technologies. SPD-Smart technology used in this glass manufacture can change the tint of any window, from car window to sunroof. The secret is in a thin film: many small particles align with a help on electricity and, in the result, we see how the tint (and color) changes. SPD-Smartglass saves you from unnecessary bright sunlight and heating (about 95% of heat) in tinted state. Also, the technology successfully protects surfaces from UV and infrared rays in any state of a glass.

The work of technology can be controlled in different ways. An operation is available from a wall switch, dimmer, various detectors and even from Zuli (the smart plug).


SPD-SmartGlass technology has proven itself in many aspects in the automotive industry, from durability and performance, to sales.


Not long ago, at Detroit Auto show Mercedes-Benz presented SLC model where SPD-Smartglass has provided Magic Sky Control feature ( the panoramic vario-roof, where you can light or dark glass roof at the touch of a button). Lincoln is also already has a Continental Concept car with SPD-Smartglass sunroof. 

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