Electronics engineer Masih Vahida is now also raising funds on Kickstarter with his latest project SoundDuino - an Arduino Sound Shield. Masih already has created and successfully crowdfunded his 6 projects!

With SoundDuino you can record and play sound files with Micro-SD Memory Card and libraries and samples for Arduino. It's very easy, as the author said, to install it on Arduino UNO board if you have a standard Arduino pins.

Via SoundDuino Kickstarter Page:

Have you ever seen the electronic announcer devices like the ticket number announcer in departments or banks or restaurants that announces your ticket number ?

or have you ever been in elevators that play music during the movement and announce the floor number ?

And have you ever thought to make something like that yourself with your Arduino board and Arduino IDE simple and very fast to be able to play sound files with one command only ?

OK you need SoundDuino!

SoundDuino is a Sound Recorder and Player that is able to play the sound files from the Micro-SD memory card or even record sounds to the memory with your desired file name.