We hear about the IoT and smart technologies for our living almost every day. Intel company tried to imagine how a real smart home with IoT will look like in nearest future and created smart “Tiny House”. This construction is an experiment to show the possibilities of connected home and how it will work with all connected devices. It exists in a form of 20 sq m living lab for exploration and development for next 12 -18 months.

An app for a tablet is used for controlling and monitoring the main features of a house: with its help you can turn the lights on/off, control door locks, choose a suitable temperature and etc. Apart from an application, you also can make voice commands like “hey computer, lights blue” and "the house" would "react". True Key technology by Intel allows to see who is waiting at your door (and open the front door for a visitor when you’re not at home) and provides the function of facial recognition: look into the camera in front of you and the door would unlock if your face is familiar.

Another smart feature of Tiny House is water leak sensor, that is designed to decrease damages and costs from leaks. When sensors detect a water leak, they send a notification to the app, where you also can find a plumber to fix the problem.

In the video below you can see how Intel’s Smart house works.