Drones sometimes can scare kids and even adults with its fast moving propellers. Also, they may damage someone or themselves while moving automatically.

The Belgian team of Fleye startup created a drone that’s billed as “world’s safest drone”. Well, looking at Fleye at the first time, you may not think that it’s a drone. It’s smooth and futuristic form makes drone look like a SCI-FI thing. The propellers are hidden from humans eye under spherical shell and grid so that drone’s moving parts can’t be reached by a human. This design was developed by Laurent Eschenauer, a professional electrical engineer, and Dimitri Arendt, an aerospace engineer.

"The classic drone design has many shortcomings; Fleye has gone back to the drawing board to imagine the future of autonomous flying robots. The resulting product is safer, more robust and easier to use," Fleye says.


Creators also mention 5 main, in their opinion, use cases: taking awesome photos and videos with HD camera, having fun while piloting, developing new apps for drone (Open API and SDK), wowing audience while advertising and teaching about flying robotics.

Fleye is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and costs $738 (hurry, only 19 left).

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