The creator sleeps in every person so maybe it's necessary to wake it up as early as possible!

The new 3d printer from Qubea team is ready for kid’s ideas! Created especially for them, it’s safe and easy to use. Connecting to a 3d printer through an app, a child can choose a model of wished thing. Unlike other 3d printers, The Rever has a special transfluent safety door, which protects children from problems and injuries related with intervening into the printing process. Only after an end of printer’s work, the door can be opened with a button.

The Rever app connects wirelessly from a tablet to a printer via the cloud and can work offline when you started The Rever’s working process. Pre-made designs will be available in Qubea Rever app, where children can edit chosen model and send it to work. Dream factory service is also suitable for work with the printer, and also printing from a PC is possible for “those who graduate to more advanced software”.



Whilst other 3D printers, such as the Origo and Printeer, have been designed with children in mind, the Rever is available for a significantly lower price. For a limited time only, backers can receive a Rever for a $169 pledge, before the regular Kickstarter price of $219 kicks in. The Rever is also available in other colours for $269.

After seeing its products put to use in professional and medical settings, Qubea decided to tap into the children’s market. The Rever has been designed with affordability, usability and safety in mind, making it the perfect creative tool for kids. Qubea says that the Rever “brings the joy of creativity into the modern age with the world’s first affordable, safe and easy to use 3D printer for kids.”