Some of us have problems with a sleep. And sometimes the light is the main issue.

Vincent X. Grbach, an Arizona sleep specialist, thinks that a white light may affect your sleep and cause awake feeling, when you suddenly woke up at night. While a red light, saves your sleepy mood and you can quietly go back to sleep.

But it’s still kind of hard to find a red night light in the shop; exactly, to find a lamp with a necessary brightness. So, makers fathomed in this problem and devised Special Red LED night light.


The easiest and most economical strategy was to adapt an off-the-shelf model. At Walmart, Target, and Lowe’s, you can find white LED night lights that automatically switch themselves on when the surroundings are dim, and cost as little as $10 for a package of four.

Although these products look identical externally, some contain a surface-mount LED, while others use a through-hole LED with its leads enclosed in a plastic barrel. We’ll show you how to modify either type.

The full tutorial you can find here

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