With this super gadget, the smartphone will rise sky-high above your head. Surely, only if you want to shoot a video! PhoneDrone gives the third dimension to your smartphone. Giving your phone wings, this long-awaited device to use your phone as an autonomous aerial camera. It costs like a typical drone, but more powerful and cloud-connected.

PhoneDrone is compatible with iOS, Android and Apple Watch and can be charged easily from any USB source. The creators thought about reasonability of buying a drone with a high-resolution camera when you already have one in your smartphone and, maybe, that is the main benefit of their project. PhoneDrone is a great idea and available on ]]>Kickstarter]]> for a reasonable price.

Certainly, for those who’re normally worrying about their phone crashing down, the team made special phone safety features like a neoprene sheath and a built-in redundancy into hardware and software design.