Do you remember Tamagotchi - your virtual friend from 90s? Matt Brailsford, who was a child in that time, decided to create a modern version of his childhood Tamagotchi - a Petduino. Now a digital friend is more suitable for little makers because it can be build by yourself and also configured in a way you like.

Petduino is fully controlled by Arduino Nano, so that you can easily program it with Arduino IDE and use Petduino Arduino library. 8×8 LED matrix is a muzzle of a “digital friend” and also serves for showing notifications. Arduino-pet is also equipped with a few buttons and light and temperature sensors and a special LED for status messages. Petduino, certainly, has another ability to communicate with you - through buzzer for a voice. Moreover, choosing a form of ears for your “pet”, you decide which type of animal it is.

Petduino kit will be a good try to teach a child skills necessary for tinkering or for an adult to stop missing Tamagotchi. Ordering it, you’ll receive a collection of parts to assemble your Petduino, which you can do knowing basics of soldering.