You may know, that Lithium Ion batteries have an issue about overheating and catching on fire ( Hoverboard catching on fire videos is no longer a novelty). But nevertheless, portable gadgets with internet access  needs these batteries. Well, researchers from Stanford now know how to get rid of such unnecessary danger.

They have created lithium ion battery that won’t overheat due to new battery contains a polymer with Nickel ions that turn battery off when it overheats and even turn it on when a battery is ready to work again (have a functional temperature).

Current type of lithium batteries has two electrodes and conductive liquid or electrolyte in gel form, that allows energy to flow.As a measure to prevent a fire this type of battery had only flame retardants in electrolytes. Typical Lithium battery is catching on fire when it’s temperature reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the improvement of such battery is aimed to make it more safe.

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