Guillaume is developing a kit tablet with a Raspberry Pi 2, or all boards like RPi (Odroid, Banana...) and it's called Diskio Pi.
This tablet will be compatible with all
RPi form factor boards, dedicated for multimedia or home automation.
The first prototype is already made and it works well with Android or Debian.



Diskio Pi is the first tablet designed to run with different ARM development boards:

Dual core, quad core, octocore... You choose !

- Raspberry Pi 2

- Odroid XU4

- Banana Pi/Pro

- Orange Pi (version 1)


Available operating systems:

- Android

- Debian

- Archlinux


- Screen: 17.3' Full HD IPS (1920x1080)

- Multi-touch screen (10 points)

- 6 cells LiPo battery

- USB 2.0 Hub x3

- 2'5 SATA* slot

- Audio amp 3W

- GPIO port available on the back
- Headphone Jack
- Hardware not final !


* The transfer rate depends of your board.

Example: USB 2.0 for Raspberry Pi, USB 3.0 for Odroid XU4

Guillaume is also ready to receive comments and recommendations here. If you're interested, also check out the poll.

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