Paris always stays the capital of fashion and beauty. So today we have an innovative technology that came to us straight from Parisians.

Wired Beauty, a Paris-based company, invented MAPO: a beauty mask that will help to keep your skin healthy and, therefore, beautiful. It’s created specially for you, from your 3d photo.

The water balance plays not the last role in our skin’s healthy look and condition.The team of developers created all new procedure to protect skin from stress, pollution and over problems that may damage your skin while it’s dehydrated. MAPO mask will show you what exactly your skin needs and how to solve a problem.Sensors measure needed physiological and environmental data, then gateway, where data is gathered, transmits it to your smartphone app via Bluetooth for you know everything about skin condition and can offer a method of skin problem treatment.

By the way, the mask fits men and women and can be preordered now on Kickstarter!

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