Have you ever heard about a theremin? It’s very special musical instrument invented by russian physicist Lev Termin. In the video below Termin tells about his invention and shows how to play in Stanford, 1991.

The theremin is played with two antennas, one to control the pitch and one for volume. The electronic shield with two ports to connect those antennas comprises two heterodyne oscillators to measure the distance of the hand to the antenna when playing the instrument.

The project that took place in Gaudi Lab has been aimed to create the new version of Theremin, more affordable and open source. New generation Open.Theremin consists of Open.Theremin.UNO, Arduino or Genuino UNO as a digital mixer, combined 12 bit audio and CV out, audio jack and 2 separate antenna circuits. The signal from antennas goes to Arduino, where it linearizes and filters. A microcontroller generates the sound and it is played through a digital analog audio converter. Also, you can change the sound characteristics.

There is a small shop existing, where you can buy a kit to create your Theremin or Open.Theremin.UNO Bare Shield Kit, thus there's not a problem to become a musician in our times!

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