Let’s add a little of motion to this Monday: the Leap Motion, exactly.

The PubNub team created motion-controlled servos by connecting a Raspberry Pi, Leap Motion, 4 Tower Pro Micro Servos and PWM Servo Driver. The servos mirror the movements of two hands detected by the Leap Motion. 8×8 RGD LED Matrices are also attached to the servos and reacting to your’s fingers each movement. Moreover, physical objects can be controlled from any place on Earth.

Via blog.leapmotion.com:

PubNub is another type of glue that holds any number of connected devices together, with the ability to access them from anywhere on Earth. In the video above, they show how they combined the power of Leap Motion with the brains of a Raspberry Pi to create motion-controlled servos. You can find the entire codebase and building tutorial on PubNub’s blog.

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