This musical instrument is a vision of guitar of our days. No strings, no guitar body, only a touch pad and a pick.Only things that matter are motions, touches and gestures.

The digital guitar allows you to learn easier and more interactive. Skipping stages of long notes learning, you can start to play as early as you want. There is the library of songs from which you choose a song to play.For more advanced guitar players, there is also an opportunity to create own melodies and songs!

The Kurv connects to your smartphone or pad through Bluetooth, so that your headphone jack is free to use amplifiers, speakers or headphones. In the app, there are also3 variants to choose which guitar you want to play: electric, acoustic or bass.There are 3 sizes of The Kurv available (S, M and L) to get the perfect fit.

The guitar reacts to programmable gestures like a flick of the wrist, sideways flicks and shaking, which change the way The Kurv sounds.Moreover, creators said that The Kurv can be used as MIDI controller with Control Package with which you are able to use software like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and Garageband.

You can pre-order The Kurv on Kickstarter now. More information here.