The team of revolutionary electric rotating spit gill decided to name their product The KANKA Grill, and it makes sense because in a native language of Patagonia Kanka means a BBQ.
 This grill does the work for you: a motorized rotation function provides you free time to relax while your meal is getting ready. The energy-efficient geared motor can be powered by a solar battery, regular AA batteries, what is very comfortable, car or boat 12V plug or 110V outlet at home.

With the KANKA Grill, you’ll never worry again about burning or overcooking your food! You can cook a "traditional" BBQ or an innovative one, preparing a fancy Brazilian style BBQ and those colorful and tasty shish kebabs that everyone loves! All of this without having to attend the grill: Just relax, and let the KANKA Grill do the job! And not just any job. You will get perfect and consistent results BBQ after BBQ...guaranteed!

 KANKA is easy to assemble and transport, it’s like a perfect gadget for outdoor BBQ and picnic fans.
The creators are now crowdfunding their project on Kickstarter and promising that till the next BBQ season the KANKA Grills will be ready for their backers.