The annual Sweden Icehotel is constructed by architects and workers every winter. The hotel made of ice can stay only in this season and it down on lots of visitors in this cold time. But this winter seems to be different and the hotel will stay for longer this time.
Developers of this year hotel project are about to save the ice solid by covering it with rooftop solar panels.

"This groundbreaking initiative lets our guests decide whether they want to combine Icehotel with dog sledding and northern lights, or hiking under the midnight sun," said Icehotel founder Yngve Bergqvist in a company press release. "It just lets us meet the desires of our clients in a way whole new way."

An expert of sustainable construction design and architect, Hans Eek, explains how sun energy can be used in Icehotel without melting the ice.

"It really couldn't be any simpler—we use the physics of Isaac Newton—the same that we normally use to make energy efficient housing that keeps the cold out, only in this project we use it in reverse," he explains.

The Icehotel is going be opened in December in Jukkasjärvi, about 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

"We've created many temporary ice experiences in the past, and we've seen an increasing interest for visiting Icehotel not just in winter," Bergqvist said. "Every summer we have international visitors who arrive in Jukkasjärvi and ask us where they can see Icehotel—I look forward to being able to point it out to them!"