It’s time for something interesting with your RaspberryPi! Create smart and entertaining applications with Tingbot and have fun: make graphics and drawing, join simple data feeds and create funny apps. The touchscreen can be used to make a doodle pad and with programmable buttons you’re even able to control a robot. There are no borders for your fantasy.

A special app created for Tingbot is called and it’s claimed to be a new way to make your animated expressions and show them to friends.



Tingbot team is also developing an OS for users to have an ability to make and download apps and a special community, called Marina, where people will share their apps with other users.

A programming environment for making apps for Tingbot is called Tide. Inspired of Arduino and Processing, developers tried to make it easy and comfortable for beginners. As a programming language for an app writing was chosen Python because it’s widely accepted as best for beginners.


Furthermore, not to deprive you with a happiness of assembling device, Tingbot comes as a kit. You're able to choose from 6 available styles of Tingbot: Blue, Trooper, Banana, Scotty, Clyde and Johny Five.