Have you even thought about making internet communication more like real? Well, researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Complexity Science and Engineering (DCSE) know how.

For now invention called Haptoclone can send a holographic image of the object from one box to another, where other person sees it. But the most impressive is an innovative function that lets you feel the illusion of touching the object, which is in the box.

Via Motherboard.vice.com:

The Haptoclone looks like something Houdini would use if he were still alive. It’s composed of two box-like contraptions, each lined with four ultrasound arrays that emit ultrasonic radiation pressure (this is what gives the impression of touch when your hand passes over the arrays to “feel” something that isn’t actually there). A Kinect sensor in one box captures a moving object’s motions in real-time and the ultrasound arrays in the other box respond so you can “feel” it in the same position. Meanwhile special “aerial imaging panels,” which act like a kind of mirror, make the object appear visually in the other box too.


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