Drone technologies is a hot theme on CES 2016. And Chinese aeronautics company EHang proved that autonomous drone, long battery life and obstacle avoidance can be combined in one fascinating machine.

EHang 184 is an electric drone designed for one passenger (up to 130 kilos) and can transfer you anywhere within 10 miles. EHang is a prototype right now, but it's already tested in China and even had live human testing. The drone weighs 440 pounds and can accelerate to 60 mph while flying. The time of a flight is 23 minutes at sea level.

The drone is a one-person pod which has eight rotors on four arms, hence the name 184, and it is able to go as fast as 60 mph in the air. It takes off and lands vertically, can go as high as 11,000 feet, and can fly 23 minutes at sea level. It weighs 440 pounds, can carry one person and a backpack, and has air conditioning and 4G Wi-Fi Internet.

The passengers of this drone don't need any training, the only thing a human should know to use EHang is how GPS unit works. If there're any problems or malfunction during the flight, a control center will connect a live pilot that will set drone on the ground.

Ehang 184 is not on sale now, but after releasing it'll cost  $200,00 to $300,000.


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