It has been a while now since I bought a small starter kit to tinker with my Arduino UNO and the ATmega328p. Truth is, after making my first amazing blinking led project I somehow forgot about its existence until recently. I ordered tiny TFT screens for a project I have in mind related to monitoring my data plan, since they were quite cheap I bought two of them so I wouldn't worry about having to wire/unwire a single screen to experiment with it.

I can't hide the fact that I felt like a child when the package arrived, it was time to play with the Arduino UNO again. First thing I wanted to make was a little game, I was sure it was possible to create one for the ATmega328 however I had never done such thing and I was worried about how fast I could display graphics on screen. The ATmega328 has 2KB SRAM, 32KB flash and while able to run at 20Mhz, is running at 16Mhz on the Arduino UNO board. The Sainsmart 1.8" TFT screen has a ST7735 chip and is wired to the Arduino UNO board using SPI, the screen resolution is 128x160 and by default displays in portrait mode. Coordinate system might seems a bit strange since 0, 0 is at the top left corner of the screen.

 More details of a project you can find here!