Canadian team ISG3D is now crowdfunding their project on Kickstarter - an affordable, big and open source 3d printer The Eleven. It's equipped with a 22 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm build area so that space for your 3d creation is distinctly bigger than usual one 3d printer.

Moreover, to make The Eleven a little bit unusual, the team has added a series of LEDs for users to choose from up to 15 colors and for different effects.

While offering the space to make large prints, users can still look forward to an aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment that fits right on the desktop.” – Bridget Butler Millsaps, 

Perhaps the most important advantage here is that the printer is hackable – it’s built to be open source, so you can design your own modifications and get the perfect machine for your needs.” – Brent Hale,

We believe that this campaign will be successful and wish luck to ISG3D team!