USCOOTER is the newest electric scooter, distinctive features of which are safeness, lightweight and environmental friendliness. It is fast enough for a scooter (up tp 30 km/h) and powered by 500 watt brushless motor. The option of battery recharging is provided by KERS (kinetic energy recover system) so that you’re able to refill battery while you’re  braking. A full recharge of the battery takes less than 2 hours. Scooter also has a LED display that shows an information about a battery power, temperature, your speed, headlight status. And, certainly, the vehicle is equipped with a horn, that makes a really awful sound. It’s very economical and practical vehicle, all in all: avoid traffic jam and public transport crowd, while enjoying fresh air and choosing your perfect route.

The creators of the USCOOTER suggest the device as an ideal vehicle for tourism. To see how it works and to know a little more, check Wired  the video below.

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