The solution of super energetic kitten problem is found! This 3D printed robot will play with your pet while you can't.


With the 3D printed Pet Interactive Device, our pets should be continually happy and playing. If I need a break from this wild little fur ball of mine, the device can be switched on and I can just kick back and watch him get worn out (if that’s felinely possible), or I may possibly even be allowed to go cook in my kitchen undisturbed…

Regardless of your own pet device needs, you have to appreciate this 3D printed Pet Interactive Device Instructable. EmmaSong — who also introduced us to a great 3D printed beetle bot — has been kind enough to share with us the ten steps she took to make it. This is a lot of work, but considering how much you love your pet, I am sure you’ll decide tackling the project is well worth it!

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