If you don't have a cool 3D printer yet, but like to make some DIY projects and have an unnecessary old CD-ROM,it's your chance to provide yourself with a 3D printer!

There are lots of CNC machines made from CD-ROM on Instructables, so user Gigafilde decided that it's a time to design a 3D printer with CD-ROM drives and a reasonable price.

You'll need: 3 CD/DVD-DOM drives, 3 stepper Motor drives, PC Power supply, Arduino Uno and a cheap 3D Printing Pen and filament. Various screws, nuts, standoffs, two electrical box covers, soldering equipment and hot glue also will come in handy.

To make everything (in the 3D printer) work the right way , you should already be an experienced maker. Also some Arduino programming skills is required. The full instruction you can find here.


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