Wires, wires, wires...What’re they all about? Is there any way to avoid doings with them? Samuli Stenudd created a thing to fight this dependence from wires and it’s called Riots.

With Riots family that consists from Mama and Babies, you have an opportunity to work with an environment in effective and wireless way.

In the Riots family, Mama has a gateway to the Internet and can “deal with” hundreds of Babies with different tasks and mesh network interconnection between them.


You only need to connect Mama to the Internet to start a work and have each Baby-node in your Riot account. After these actions, the managing, monitoring, linking and reprogramming is available for all gadgets in the family.

The core of Riots is equipped with Atmel 8-bit microcontroller, radio module and RGB status LED. The full open source and Arduino-compatible Riot  family is AIR, LIGHT, GYRO, BUTTON, DC CONTROL, USB, BREAKOUT BOARD and MAMA.

The Riots is having a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter now, so if you're happy to join the IoT technology revolution, you're welcome!

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