Our everyday office life sometimes can affect on our health. We’re not noticing our sitting postures while working, but we can feel neck, back or head pain afterwards. It’s called Forward Head Posture or Text Neck. A bad posture leads to physical changes in the body that can cause serious health problems.To avoid taking pills from pain, it’s better to look after your head and neck position.

South Korean company Alex decided to deal with with problem in an interesting way. They created ALEXThis wearable wouldn’t let you work in insalubrious posture. It’s a posture coach and tracker, that checks the angle of your neck and the position of your head.

Alex should be located on the back of a neck, to be able to look after your posture.And when you adopt unhealthy posture, Alex sends gentle vibration that means you should improve it. The setting of the device is available in the app for a smartphone. The app also gives an opportunity to check your success in improving your posture every day.

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