There is a new way to hide from all!

The Chinese researchers from the Wuhan University are creating an armor that works like a chameleon skin. And to present developed technology, they also made a Chameleon robot (looks more like a cat) embedded with plasmonic displays, that provide the detection of colors of a background using light sensors. The color of robot’s displays changes while it moves through different colored backgrounds. The displays are made from thin glass sheets, that have a grid holes that measure a minuscule 50-nanometer wide.

The development of camouflage methods, often through a general resemblance to the background, has recently become a subject of intense research. However, an artificial, active camouflage that provides fast response to color change in the full-visible range for rapid background matching remains a daunting challenge. To this end, we report a method, based on the combination of bimetallic nanodot arrays and electrochemical bias, to allow for plasmonic modulation. Importantly, our approach permits real-time light manipulation readily matchable to the color setting in a given environment. We utilize this capability to fabricate a biomimetic mechanical chameleon and an active matrix display with dynamic color rendering covering almost the entire visible region.

For now, the scientists said that technology works with primary color only, but the development of other colors production is coming soon. The technology is designing for military purposes and in future may be used on military vehicles or worn by soldiers.

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