Today we talking about a new modular robot that can fit in your hand, a team of which has recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter.

CellRobot is created by a Chinese team to show and share to others their passion to robotics. This robot can be assembled from smart modules, which works together or apart.  Whether you like to use one module of CellRobot or combine it with other parts for adding new functions or making a bigger robot, CellRobot can have different forms and movements unique from other robots.

Cell’s team made this robot all controlled by your smartphone or tablet and robot's team even announced that CellRobot platform will be hackable!



CellRobot  has The Heart - an epicenter of robot’s module providing functions of supplying  the power to other modules and responsibility for connection to your smartphone or tablet. The Frame of CellRobot is called The CELL. It has a servo motor, a sensor and a microprogrammed control unit inside. Also, CellRobots team is welcome people to help with the creation of more X-Cells (add-ons to normal cells).

Modular robotics becoming more popular now so that creation of something truly interesting in this theme is may become hard. KEYi Team is sure that CELLRobot can not only be an educational and entertaining robot but in future will undergo some changes and do useful things like for example pour water or butter a toast.