The 3Dom USA company is not going to stop wondering us with their products and ideas. Not long ago they already presented to the public a Wound Up - a filament made from coffee. Now, continuing company's eco-friendly way, they following up with Buzzed - a filament made from, guess, beer. Actually, it’s made not from the beer itself, but from the waste byproduct which is leaving from a beer-brewing process. 

Jake Clark, 3Dom USA CEO, said that they get the byproduct left from a beer-brewing process from a local brewing plant. Nobody else needs this kind of waste, so 3Dom is kind of "rescuing" this material from a landfill.



Buzzed is a second (the first was Wound Up) product in the c2Composite line, a speciality of which is in bio-based filament composition. 3Dom made this line with a partner c2renew and promising to add additional products in the line soon.Buzzed filament fits any printer capable of printing with PLA filament, but it is advised that about ten degrees cooler starting point is better for this kind of bio-filament. All in all, special golden color and natural grain gives the unique appearance to your product.