OpenBCI team aims to make neuroscience and biosensing technologies more accessible. For this purpose, they developed Ganglion Board and 3D printed Ultracortex Mark IV Headset.


OpenBCI is an open-source platform of hardware and software tools that makes it possible to measure, analyze, and utilize the human body’s electrical signals. The OpenBCI system can measure brain data (EEG), muscle data (EMG), heart activity (ECG), and more.


The OpenBCI Ganglion is a high-quality, affordable bio-sensing device. On the input side, there are 4 high-impedance differential inputs, a driven ground (DRL), a positive voltage supply (Vdd), and a negative voltage supply (Vss). The inputs can be used as individual differential inputs for measuring EMG or ECG, or they can be individually connected to a reference electrode for measuring EEG.

Ultracortex Mark IV is only a concept now. But OpenBCI team is seriously going to make it real and available for scientists and researchers.



We have very high expectations for the Ultracortex Mark IV. Our design priorities are as follows:

  • Higher node count (especially above motor cortex & visual cortex). We hope to be able to target all 61 electrode locations of the 10-10 System, as depicted in the right head map of the image below

  • Maximum comfort for prolonged recording

  • Simplified assembly and adjustability (based on feedback from our Mark III customers)

  • Secured electrode cabling for reduced noise and improved aesthetic

Both these gadgets are on Kickstarter now and so that you can support OpenBCI team and their projects.